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About Our Team

Water Pool

We are scientists, engineers, and conservationists.

Lynker Intel is the research and development arm of the Lynker Corporation, an employee owned water science and engineering company based in Boulder, Colorado. We are scientists, engineers, and conservationists who engage with our clients to provide actionable and robust solutions to invest and adapt to future uncertainty. Our scientists listen to and collaborate with our clients to fully understand a problem, then work to develop a truly customized and actionable solution to help clients at multiple scales. Lynker provides rigorous environmental analyses to support projects including water supply planning, assessment of risk from natural hazards, and ecosystem restoration. We utilize cutting-edge geospatial analytics across all aspects of our work.

Our Team

Graeme Aggett – PhD, Principal and Chief Scientist
Rachel Bash – Water Resources Engineer
Keith Jennings – PhD, Water Resources Scientist
Jim McCord – PhD, PE, Principal Hydrogeologist / Water Resources Engineer
Sophia Sigstedt – PH-GW, Professional Hydrogeologist
Ryan Spies – CFM, Water Resources Scientist
Josh Sturtevant – Water Resources Scientist
Bill Szafranski – MS, PH, Water Resources Scientist
Angus Watters – Geospatial Data Scientist
Travis Wilhoite – Director-Corporate Services
Roger Wolvington – Database Developer and CRAM Modeler
Shawn Crawley – Software Engineer
Nayoung Hur – Water Resources Engineer
Mike Johnson – PhD, Water Resources Data Scientist
Nels Frazier – Lead Technical Architect
Dillon Ragar – Water Resources Scientist