Preparing for an Uncertain World

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Is planning your infrastructure, livelihood, or investment dependent on understanding your risk from natural hazards?

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Does your community face a growing population and an uncertain water supply?

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Do you need better to monitor, restore, and protect your ecosystems and the services they provide, and assess their vulnerability to changing conditions?

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Do you need to measure, understand, and address your companies or investors’ climate risk? Lynker Intel has the expertise, data and tools to better monitor, analyze, quantify and price your climate risk

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Does your community need river flow or drought forecasts to issue flood/low flow watches or warnings to save lives or better manage this scarce resource?

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The world faces an uncertain future. Two-thirds of major global companies have assets at serious physical risk under the high impact climate change scenario in 2050. Some of the greatest risks come from water stress and wildfire. Lynker Intel can help you to pinpoint the exposure of company, agency or publicly owned facilities, supply chains and capital assets to physical risks including flooding, wildfire, sea-level rise, heat wave, drought, hurricanes, and earthquake. Lynker Intel develops actionable intelligence that considers each customer’s unique set of climate questions and objectives based on its particular situation, geographical footprint, physical assets, and business priorities. In doing so we provide bespoke yet affordable professional-service solutions for each customer.

Fire in the mountains
Natural Hazards Risk Icon

Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment

Lynker Intel is a global provider of risk and safety solutions related to natural hazards, with a broad range of services across. Our scientists, engineers, and economists have decades of experience performing risk and damage assessments for the insurance market and planning communities at town, city, and national scales.

Ocean Storm Waves Crashing into Seawall in front of Houses
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Hydrologic Modeling and Forecasting

Lynker Intel has expert hydrologists with strong expertise in field work, data analysis, research, modeling, forecasting, and developing actionable data products across all water environments. We work with a holistic approach to solve water-related issues by considering the combined effect of weather, climate, water and human management.

Green Infrastructure
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Planning and Designing for Resilient and Green Infrastructure

Infrastructure and its networks will be affected by the physical impacts of climate variability and change but will also play an essential role in building resilience to those impacts. Lynker Intel can help you prioritize, plan, and design new or retrofit old infrastructure in a more thoughtful environmentally aligned (green) manner that can account for the climate and other changes that may occur over its lifetime.

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Geospatial Analytics

Business and government leaders face unprecedented risk from natural hazards, climate change, population growth, geopolitical shifts, and security threats. Lynker Intel can help you by building customized spatial intelligence to visualize risk on “smart” maps, find patterns and trends in big data, and communicate seamlessly during risk mitigation and response.

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Environmental Modeling

Lynker Intel has deep experience working with multi-disciplinary and stakeholder teams to develop ecological restoration solutions for fluvial, coastal, and wetland environments. We work with clients to restore damaged habitats that provide important ecological functions and contribute to improved ecosystem health benefiting humans and wildlife alike.

Smog Pollution
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Climate Change and Population Growth

With decades of deep experience in natural hazards analyses and risk assessment, Lynker Intel partners with private and public organizations to operationalize climate change impact analytics, projections of population growth and subsequent increases in vulnerable assets, as well as other changes influencing hazard and risk exposure, in order to make better business and adaptation decisions for the future impacts of hazards. Decisions that must be made now.