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Climate Change and Population Growth

Financial Impact Analysis, Insurance Intelligence, and Adaptation Guidance

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For over 20 years, Lynker Intel scientists have developed strong relationships with a variety of organizations and clients at different scales around the world. We are focused on contributing our climate change and risk modeling expertise to help clients, planners and markets understand the physical risks posed by climate change. Responsible organizations want to know their exposure to climate change risk. There is an urgent need to assess and quantify the extent of the rising physical risk caused by climate change – how much it has already changed, what will happen in the future, and how such risks are being priced.

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Systemic or compounded risk is the new norm, from the effects of rising sea levels on storm surge to that of drought on wildfires. The business interruption caused by these catastrophic events has become a standard boardroom concern. When the insurance industry incentivizes resilience investments, Mother Nature’s punches will lead to fewer defaults on loans, and that leads to a more stable financial system.

With stakeholders such as the insurance industry, regulators, investors, and customers all requiring answers, Lynker Intel can help. Our climate change risk analytics practice helps clients translate climate change science into a competitive advantage with regulatory and business consulting services.

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Natural Hazards Risk Icon

Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment

Lynker Intel is a global provider of risk and safety solutions related to natural hazards, with a broad range of services across. Our scientists, engineers, and economists have decades of experience performing risk and damage assessments for the insurance market and planning communities at town, city, and national scales.

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Hydrologic Modeling and Forecasting

Lynker Intel has expert hydrologists with strong expertise in field work, data analysis, research, modeling, forecasting, and developing actionable data products across all water environments. We work with a holistic approach to solve water-related issues by considering the combined effect of weather, climate, water and human management.

Green Infrastructure
Ecological Restoration Icon

Planning and Designing for Resilient and Green Infrastructure

Infrastructure and its networks will be affected by the physical impacts of climate variability and change but will also play an essential role in building resilience to those impacts. Lynker Intel can help you prioritize, plan, and design new or retrofit old infrastructure in a more thoughtful environmentally aligned (green) manner that can account for the climate and other changes that may occur over its lifetime.

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Geospatial Analytics Icon

Geospatial Analytics

Business and government leaders face unprecedented risk from natural hazards, climate change, population growth, geopolitical shifts, and security threats. Lynker Intel can help you by building customized spatial intelligence to visualize risk on “smart” maps, find patterns and trends in big data, and communicate seamlessly during risk mitigation and response.

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Environmental Modeling Icon

Environmental Modeling

Lynker Intel has deep experience working with multi-disciplinary and stakeholder teams to develop ecological restoration solutions for fluvial, coastal, and wetland environments. We work with clients to restore damaged habitats that provide important ecological functions and contribute to improved ecosystem health benefiting humans and wildlife alike.