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Hydrologic Modeling and Forecasting

Flood, Drought, and Hydropower

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Lynker Intel offers outstanding credentials in surface and ground water hydrology, providing broad knowledge and experience for projects involving evaluation and modeling of surface and ground water systems. Lynker Intel incorporates a variety of technical tools and scientific methodologies, including the development and utilization of a multitude of modeling software programs, data collection and analyses, and field investigations, as well as measurements and evaluations associated with water allocation, river system losses, gains, deliveries, and efficiencies.

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Lynker Intel helps public and private organizations in ensuring quality, health, safety and sustainable development through a wide range of hydrology-related products and services including model simulations and data delivery, warning services operational hydrological services, web-based tailored tools for visualization and support of decision-making, and international cooperation. Our personnel are globally recognized experts in deterministic and probabilistic flood forecasting, hydrometeorological analysis, simulation and modeling, and operational forecasting, and work closely with stakeholders to implement forward-thinking scientific research-to-operations solutions for water resource conservation and emergency response.

Glacier Stream

Lynker uses historical and contextual data and projections of climate change to predict the likelihood of events, with the goal of planning for an uncertain future, from the next few hours to the next many years. Lynker’s actionable intelligence makes it easier to make decisions today to prepare for future events: 

  • Forecasting facilitates planning. What are the options? 
  • Planning facilitates analysis. What are the potential costs, risks, and benefits of each option? 
  • Analysis facilitates decision-­making. Given what we know today, what is the most reasonable course of action? 
  • Lynker’s machine learning algorithms can predict market prices – from futures to day-ahead, and intraday for higher revenues per produced Mw. Lynker can increase your hydropower revenues by up to 15%. Higher revenue. Less spill. No hassle!
  • For water supply planning, Lynker develops estimates of spring snowmelt and runoff, and products for forecasting water-supply needs under extreme conditions, such as drought.

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More Capabilities

Fire in the mountains
Natural Hazards Risk Icon

Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment

Lynker Intel is a global provider of risk and safety solutions related to natural hazards, with a broad range of services across. Our scientists, engineers, and economists have decades of experience performing risk and damage assessments for the insurance market and planning communities at town, city, and national scales.

Green Infrastructure
Ecological Restoration Icon

Planning and Designing for Resilient and Green Infrastructure

Infrastructure and its networks will be affected by the physical impacts of climate variability and change but will also play an essential role in building resilience to those impacts. Lynker Intel can help you prioritize, plan, and design new or retrofit old infrastructure in a more thoughtful environmentally aligned (green) manner that can account for the climate and other changes that may occur over its lifetime.

Geospatial Analytics Ariel View
Geospatial Analytics Icon

Geospatial Analytics

Business and government leaders face unprecedented risk from natural hazards, climate change, population growth, geopolitical shifts, and security threats. Lynker Intel can help you by building customized spatial intelligence to visualize risk on “smart” maps, find patterns and trends in big data, and communicate seamlessly during risk mitigation and response.

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Environmental Modeling Icon

Environmental Modeling

Lynker Intel has deep experience working with multi-disciplinary and stakeholder teams to develop ecological restoration solutions for fluvial, coastal, and wetland environments. We work with clients to restore damaged habitats that provide important ecological functions and contribute to improved ecosystem health benefiting humans and wildlife alike.

Smog Pollution
Climate Change Icon

Climate Change and Population Growth

With decades of deep experience in natural hazards analyses and risk assessment, Lynker Intel partners with private and public organizations to operationalize climate change impact analytics, projections of population growth and subsequent increases in vulnerable assets, as well as other changes influencing hazard and risk exposure, in order to make better business and adaptation decisions for the future impacts of hazards. Decisions that must be made now.