National Water Model - Forecasting Capabilities



The Lynker Team is providing lead support to OWP in the development of methods and technologies that will enhance the ability of NWS to use the NWM to deliver impact-based decision support services nationwide by providing “street level” water information and guidance and expanding its dissemination efforts to achieve far-reaching national preparedness. Lynker Team members in Tuscaloosa and Boulder, as part of OWP’s Geo-Intelligence Division (GID), are playing a major role in the development of Impact-based Decision Support Services (IDSS). They are also supporting NWC and field operations, external partners, customers and stakeholders, and corporate knowledge management, by developing and providing centralized and consistent geospatial data services, GIS analyses, and map development based on high-level cartographic expertise. This work is supporting science and engineering development, systems implementation, and water resources tasks at local, regional, national and global scales across NWC operations.

Actionable Intelligence

The NWM data services that Lynker has helped to develop have been used to support the response to several recent high-profile hydrologic events. Our team worked around the clock during and after Hurricane Harvey to produce maps in real time of current and forecasted inundation extent for federally declared disaster counties in Texas and Louisiana, using the latest data from the NWM as it became available. Our critical role in responding to this event helped to kick-start NOAA’s effort to develop the ability to do real-time flood inundation mapping on a national scale, which is now a top agency priority.

Relevant Capabilities

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Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment

Lynker Intel is a global provider of risk and safety solutions related to natural hazards, with a broad range of services across. Our scientists, engineers, and economists have decades of experience performing risk and damage assessments for the insurance market and planning communities at town, city, and national scales.

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Hydrologic Modeling and Forecasting

Lynker Intel has expert hydrologists with strong expertise in field work, data analysis, research, modeling, forecasting, and developing actionable data products across all water environments. We work with a holistic approach to solve water-related issues by considering the combined effect of weather, climate, water and human management.